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A quitclaim and warranty deed are documents used to transfer ownership the seller has in real estate to the buyer.

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Quitclaim deeds are typically used when you sell real property, they can also be used when a person prepares a living trust where one party transfers ownership of property to another party.

Some divorce situations may also require the use of a Quitclaim Deed when one of the partners will “quit claim” their part ownership to the other partner. In most states when you sell or transfer property with a Quitclaim Deed it is required to be filed with your county recorders office.

Quitclaim and Warranty Deed forms are easy to fill out and use. When filled out properly they can be used in all states.

Warranty Deed

Warranty Deed – A deed in which the grantor fully warrants good clear title to the property. Used in most real estate deed transfers, a warranty deed offers the greatest protection of any deed. The person granting the deed agrees to defend the title from claims of others. In general, the seller is representing that they fully own the property and will stand behind this promise.

Our Quitclaim and Warranty deed come with basic information to make filling out the deeds an easy task.

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